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09.10.2014  Autumn break in Helsinki schools next week
23.09.2014  Comprehensive school students to celebrate the European Day of Languages in the Language Caravan
18.09.2014  Helsinki trials a new booking procedure for school facilities
17.09.2014  The JHL demonstration started
08.09.2014  Autumn’s Matriculation Examinations began on the 8th of September
28.08.2014  Online think tank to envision the school of the future
19.08.2014  Helsinki’s upper secondary schools prepare for electronic matriculation exams
05.08.2014  Placement in preparatory education to be notified in August
05.08.2014  Comprehensive schools’ new school year to begin on 12th August
18.06.2014  The Education Department closed 7–27 July
11.06.2014  The results of the joint application system of upper secondary schools have been published
27.05.2014  The spring term ends on Saturday 31 May
06.05.2014  Hel.fi website redesigned
08.04.2014  New education paths for young immigrants proposed for Helsinki
01.04.2014  The application period for the use of school facilities in evenings and weekends for the academic year of 2014–2015 begins on April 1
04.03.2014  Helsinki envisions the school of the future
14.02.2014  The City of Helsinki offers over 5,600 new study places in this spring's joint application period
06.02.2014  Over 100 Penkkarit trucks in Helsinki on 13 February
06.02.1014  Autumn’s Matriculation Examinations begin on the 7th of September
05.02.2014  Helsinki upper secondary schools’ traditional New School Seniors’ Ball event at the Ice Hall on 14 February at 2 pm
24.01.2014  Application period for afternoon activities for schoolchildren starts on 29 January
24.01.2014  Tips for using Wilma
23.01.2014  Close Encounters of the Second Kind –website renewed
22.01.2014  The Education Department’s Wilma instructions available in five languages
02.01.2014  School enrolment for next autumn's first-graders between January 7 and January 29
05.12.2013  The Mayor’s Independence Day Ball filled Finlandia Hall with happy fourth-graders
26.11.2013  The fourth-graders of Helsinki celebrate Independence Day on December 3rd
25.10.2013  Students feel that they are heard at Helsinki schools
20.09.2013  The autumn joint application system for vocational education and training begins on 25 September 2013
09.09.2013  Autumn’s Matriculation Examinations began on the 9th of September
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