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Bridge to Hakaniemi. Picture: Kimmo Brandt
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 Finland’s transport policy lines for the future set out

Transport policy planning should be incorporated in the development of society at large. Close cooperation between different administrative branches will lay down a firm foundation for a smoothly functioning transport system and an efficient urban structure. Fresh thinking is required in order to make society function more efficiently and to take advantage of the joint resources in a sensible way.

The Finnish Government submitted its transport policy report to Parliament on 12 April, setting out policy lines for 2012-2022. The Government Programme emphasises that transport policy should be linked comprehensively to the framework of economic, financial, employment and regional development.

Vitality of the shipping sector is of primary importance for Finnish competitiveness. In an effort to safeguard a good operating environment for shipping, a broad-based national strategy will be drafted for the sector. As far as transport is concerned, the strategy will focus on adaptation to the tightening environmental regulations, issues around support policy, reform of fairway dues, procurement of icebreaker fleet together with port and shipyard questions.

A separate strategy is also to be prepared for air transport with the purpose of examining its future prospects and assessing the appropriateness of Finland's airport network together with the role of the State in arranging air transport services.

Focus of transport funding will be shifted from new investment to maintenance of the existing transport network. Smooth everyday mobility of people is particularly important.



Ministry of Transport and Communication

Rail  Baltica Growth Corridor (RBGC)

Rail Baltica Growth Corridor aims to improve the competitiveness and accessibility of cities and regions in the Eastern Baltic Sea Region through increased interaction and cooperation. RBGC creates a cooperation and transport service platform that observes the needs of both transport sector and customers in line with the green growth corridor principles. City of Helsinki is the Lead Partner of RBGC. Helsinki is also part of RBGC Russia as a partner. http://www.rbgc.eu

Helsinki-Tallinn Transport & Planning Scenarios (H-TTransPlan)

Helsinki-Tallinn twin-city region has not treated as one entity of spatial planning and development. The transport connections are generally considered good, but do not serve the needs of commuters and business travellers throughout the year. This unreliability and seasonality of transport connections constitutes an important limitation for further regional integration. And fast connections of Estonia and Finland to the rest of Europe become non-existent if the air traffic stops for some reason. Project will work in close cooperation with Rail Baltica Growth Corridor.




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