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 17.2.2012 Vuosaari platform doors introduced on 15 February

Trial run with the platform doors installed at Vuosaari Metro station started on Wednesday 15 February. The doors, which are part of the metro automation project, were built over a year ago but their introduction has been delayed due to technical and safety related testings.

A structure has now been added to the doors, which has made it possible to reduce the gap between the doors and the metro train so that the doors function safely for passenger traffic.

The introduction of the doors will ease the traffic situation at Vuosaari station as the trains can use both platforms again at rush hour. Outside rush hours, at least during the initial phase of the trial, the other platform will be used and the doors are not in use. The doors are also serviced and inspected during the trial phase and during these periods, the platform doors are not in use.

The metro stops at Vuosaari by the platform doors so that the platform doors and metro doors face each other. Because the platform doors are only the length of two train carriages, the first two metro carriages stop outside the wall of the platform doors in the trial phase.

In the trial phase, the driver opens and closes both doors from his driver cabin. Open doors are indicated by a white pilot light. When closing the doors, the metro doors are closed first and the platform doors afterwards.

When the platform doors are closing, a signal is sounded and the door pilot light flashes red. At that point, it is forbidden to go between the doors. Entering through closing metro doors is also forbidden at other stations for safety reasons.

Platform doors are part of the metro automation project. Currently, HKL (Helsinki City Transport) and Siemens are negotiating the possibility of implementing metro automation as a so called semi-automatic solution. If the negotiations are successful and HKL’s board of governors approves the negotiation result, it means that platform doors will only be installed in the end stations, i.e. Vuosaari and Mellunmäki. At this initial phase, platform doors have only been installed on the departure platform at Vuosaari.

The situation with automated metro and how the project will continue will be clarified during the coming spring.

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