Karttapohja: Kaupunkimittausosasto, Helsinki 2002
Kuva: Roy Koto/ Viherosasto
Kuva: Paula H’nninen / Viherosasto

Kuva: Roy Koto/ Viherosasto
Kuva: Tuulikki Rautio
Ilmakuva: Kaupunkimittausosasto, Helsinki 2002
Kuva: Vesa Koskela/ Ymp’ristİkeskus
Kuva: Heikki Willamo
Kuva: Heikki Willamo
Kuva: Henri Oksanen/Ymp’ristİkeskus



Traversing Helsinki from south to north, the Central Park of Helsinki offers excellent opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation. Covering a thousand hectares, the Central Park is ten kilometres in length and an excellent representative of the rich and varied nature in the southern coastal area.

The Central Park turns 100 this year. The official anniversary was on 12 May 2014, marking 12 May 1914, when the Helsinki City Council approved a plan by architect Bertel Jung for the Helsinki Central Park.

The anniversary year is marked by many different types of events and programmes.

A new nature trail will be opened in Maunula on 6 June. The trail presents the versatile nature of the park. During the summer season, 12 guided, free walks are organized in different parts of the park.

A Central Park–themed photo competition opened on 12 May and will continue to late autumn. The winning photos will be on display in the Central Park 100 Years anniversary exhibition at the Helsinki City Planning Department’s Laituri meeting place in November–December.

The many entrance points to the Central Park will be provided with information boards. The boards will contain information about events in the park, and they will be complete with a QR code that gives access to the park’s online map service and a mobile app that guides users to various physical activities in the park.

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