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Helsinki Finance Director Tuula Saxholm

HELSINKI-INFO is an information bulletin published by the City of Helsinki on the Internet and in print six times a year. Helsinki-info publishes the English Supplement on the net, the last one is viewable as

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The next Helsinki-info and the English Supplement will be published on 27.10.2014 on the Internet and the printed version will be distributed to Helsinki households on week 44/2014.

Helsinki grows more competitive

How does Helsinki manage to keep building the city and the city’s competitiveness?

“The first solution is tight financial oversight and an important solution is more efficient use of space”, explains Helsinki Finance Director Tuula Saxholm.

Saxholm continues on Helsinki’s strengths: “Helsinki keeps attracting new residents. For example, last year Helsinki’s population grew by the fast rate of 1.5 percent thanks to immigration from other parts of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Finland. Also, families increasingly stay in the city centre, rather than moving to suburbs, which is further proof that Helsinki is a good place to live.”

“Helsinki is also a more and more attractive place for foreign investment,” Saxholm adds, explaining that Helsinki has attracted more foreign direct investment in recent years than Helsinki’s competitor cities in Northern Europe.

"Work gives joy in life", tells Musa Said, who is happily working as an assistant at an elderly centre.

Safety is a fundamental right in Finland. “Immigrant women often don’t know that domestic violence is a crime in Finland”, says Ljudmila Kettunen, Director of Multicultural Women’s Association.

Helsinki Dresses – buildings as costumes is an exhibition that presents eight of the city's most beautiful buildings transformed into dashing and colourful attire.