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Helsinki’s Cultural Director Stuba Nikula

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The next Helsinki-info and the English Supplement will be published on 8.12.2014 on the Internet and the printed version will be distributed to Helsinki households on week 50/2014.

Culture enriches

Helsinki’s Cultural Director Stuba Nikula outlines the city’s many strengths in culture: “Helsinki is home to a long list of national and municipal cultural institutions, a strong independent cultural sector and, increasingly, very strong citizen activity in culture. As a result, Helsinki is Finland’s foremost city of culture.”

Nikula wants to correct the unbalance created by the national cultural institutions – largely the Töölö Bay cultural concentration – and to take culture to areas of the city where culture has been scarce so far.

His ultimate goal at the helm of the City of Helsinki Cultural Office is straightforward: “We want to make Helsinki a better city on new lines, and we’re ready to move. I’m not afraid to step on the springboard myself, and our office has many more people who feel the same.”

The cornerstones of Helsinki's food culture strategy are the enlivening of the markets, boosting urban farming and promoting composting and environmental responsibility, an organic food programme for children, and developing the Abattoir area.

Kiamars Baghbani’s new book deals with cultural clashes experienced by immigrants to Finland.

Helsinki invests in new residential areas, education and public transport.

“The municipal tax will not be raised”, says Mayor Jussi Pajunen of his 2015 budget proposal.