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Fun and togetherness over games

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Fertile ground for game developers

The Helsinki metropolitan area is exceptionally fertile ground for game developers.

“Digital games are a hot industry in Finland, much more so than elsewhere. The community is exceptionally good here in Helsinki,” says Lasse Seppänen, CEO of the Helsinki-based start-up PlayRaven. He speaks with 16 years of professional experience from the field.

The new edition of the English Supplement further explains why and how Helsinki is a hot scene for digital games.

Games are a powerful tool for the Helsinki youth work. Daniel, Casper and Onni intend to have a mobile game ready for Google Play within a couple of months.

“Our main goal is to offer young people a meaningful and rewarding activity in a social environment,” explains Helsinki youth worker Ari Huotari.

The edition also introduces Mohamed Dsouki, who hails from Lebanon. He has been observing life in the Helsinki city centre from his shoe repair shop for the past 20 years.