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Elina Siltanen and Jere Jäppinen tell how Helsinki contributes to the 150th anniversary of Jean Sibelius in Helsinki.

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Helsinki’s new tribute to Jean Sibelius

The 150th anniversary of Jean Sibelius is marked in Helsinki by events, exhibitions and a new guide that opens the life of the famed Finnish composer through sites in the city.

A guide entitled Path of Sibelius allows anyone to discover easily the most important places and moments in the life of Sibelius.

“Path of Sibelius is meant both for local residents interested in learning new facts about Sibelius and for visitors who wish to worship Sibelius at sites where the composer lived and acted,” says the guide’s producer Elina Siltanen at Helsinki City Marketing.

“The sites have been so selected that they enrich and add to the obvious Sibelius scene,” says Helsinki City Museum curator Jere Jäppinen, who authored the guide.

English Supplement also lists Sibelius 150 jubilee year events in Helsinki.

The edition reports how Helsinki celebrates the 375th anniversary of the University of Helsinki: Helsinki has renamed the Kaisaniemi metro station University of Helsinki.

“The university is significant when it comes to the attraction of Helsinki”, says Mayor Jussi Pajunen.

The English Supplement’s regular series on Helsinki’s foreign-born residents presents Paul Nix, an American student in Helsinki. Hailing from California, Nix has found new happiness in Helsinki and appreciates Finnish society.