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Elina Siltanen and Jere Jäppinen tell how Helsinki contributes to the 150th anniversary of Jean Sibelius in Helsinki.

HELSINKI-INFO is an information bulletin published by the City of Helsinki on the Internet and in print six times a year. Helsinki-info publishes the English Supplement on the net, the last one is viewable as

Furthermore, a facsimile version of the the new printed bulletin is viewable on these web pages as
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Information on the City’s actualities is available at the City of Helsinki link beside.

The next Helsinki-info and the English Supplement will be published on 16.9.2015 on the Internet and the printed version will be distributed to Helsinki households.

Immigration is an opportunity to learn new things

Polina Kopylova moved from Russia to Finland in 2002. She has found good employment in Finland and reminds other immigrants that immigration is an opportunity to learn new things and to expand one’s skills.

“An immigrant is first like a child, not able to understand the language or the culture. One has to learn a new culture gradually, to make observations and to process the observations. All this takes several years”, she says.


Helsinki’s sea area is a source of recreation and good life. The waterfront is over 130 km long and offers magnificent and varied landscapes for cyclists, joggers and sea canoeists alike.
The city is served by 26 public beaches, 23 of them at the seaside. As soon as the weather turns summery, the beaches fill up with swimmers and sunbathers.

The water quality at Helsinki’s public beaches is monitored by the City of Helsinki Environment Centre with regular water samples and observation throughout the swimming season. The hygienic conditions of the swimming water at the seaside beaches have been consistently excellent or good.