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Ville Lehmuskoski, CEO of Helsinki City Transport

HELSINKI-INFO is an information bulletin published by the City of Helsinki on the Internet and in print six times a year. Helsinki-info publishes the English Supplement on the net, the last one is viewable as

Furthermore, a facsimile version of the the new printed bulletin is viewable on these web pages as
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Information on the City’s actualities is available at the City of Helsinki link beside.

The next Helsinki-info and the English Supplement will be published on 9.2.2015 on the Internet and the printed version will be distributed to Helsinki households on week 7/2015.

Residents selected books

Residents were keen to select books in English for the Helsinki City Library in October. The library will order more than 600 books, which will be made available for borrowing in the English collection at Pasila Library.

“It is really wonderful that people are interested in literature and the collections in libraries. The collection accumulation work requires input from both librarians and patrons. The results were so encouraging that we plan to include residents in the book selection process also in the future”, says Service Supervisor Kirsi Salminen from the Purchase and Cataloguing Office of Helsinki City Library.

Helsinki expects vast growth, most of it in the inner city. Ville Lehmuskoski oversees efforts to keep Helsinki moving as the brand new CEO of Helsinki City Transport.

“We can’t put more cars on streets. The answer in the inner city is public transport by rail – trams and the metro,” Lehmuskoski says, pointing out that rail has the biggest capacity of all modes of public transport.

Which security matters or phenomena worry you at the moment in Helsinki? You can tell your thoughts and ideas by answering the security survey.

Zarmina Razai is very happy at her workplace in the Surgical Hospital in Helsinki. She studied nursing and specialized as an operating room nurse.