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Maija Tanninen-Mattila

HELSINKI-INFO is an information bulletin published by the City of Helsinki on the Internet and in print six times a year. Helsinki-info publishes the English Supplement on the net, the last one is viewable as

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The next Helsinki-info and the English Supplement will be published on 28.10.2015 on the Internet and the printed version will be distributed to Helsinki households.

Kamppi – Helsinki’s 4th quarter

Kamppi is the new commercial heart of Helsinki marked by a shopping complex and a busy transit hub. Up to 200,000 people pass through Kamppi each day. But Kamppi is a great deal more. Originally known as the “fourth quarter of Helsinki”, the area has a colourful past.

The site of the Narinkka Square, for example, has hosted a garrison built in the 1830’s and a drilling field for the Russian army. The main building, located at the site of today’s Lasipalatsi, was destroyed during the Finnish Civil War in 1918, but an auxiliary building survived, to serve as a bus terminal from 1935 to 2005. Today that building houses Laituri, the Helsinki City Planning Department’s information and exhibition space.

Laituri’s autumn exhibition presents Kamppi’s past, buildings and events, as well as envisioning the area’s future including the New Amos Anderson Museum to be built in and around Lasipalatsi.

The edition reports how Helsinki Art Museum reopens after extensive reconstruction in double the former space in the Tennispalatsi building.
“We want to be part of the everyday experience of Helsinki residents”, says museum director Maija Tanninen-Mattila.

The English Supplement’s regular series on Helsinki’s foreign-born residents presents Anne Ribelus, a class teacher by profession. “I have two identities. I live in Finland but I’m Estonian", she says. "Helsinki is a safe city, like a big living room. I always feel safe here.”