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Riku Mäkelä

HELSINKI-INFO is an information bulletin published by the City of Helsinki on the Internet and in print six times a year. Helsinki-info publishes the English Supplement on the net, the last one is viewable as

Furthermore, a facsimile version of the the new printed bulletin is viewable on these web pages as
digital form

Information on the City’s actualities is available at the City of Helsinki link beside.

The next Helsinki-info and the English Supplement will be published on 18.2.2016 on the Internet and the printed version will be distributed to Helsinki households.

Information in a dozen languages

The Infopankki website offers reliable and up-to-date information to support integration. The service is also a matchless source of information for anyone interested in Finnish society and Finnish municipal services.

Infopankki (information bank) serves users in 12 languages. The topics range from how to find work to housing, from studies to social security to languages courses.

"In addition to allowing immigrants and those planning to move to Finland to browse information on their own, Infopankki also helps those providing multilingual customer information services," says Eija Kyllönen-Saarnio, Infopankki's editor-in-chief and the leader of the five-member editorial team.

"The language versions are identical in content, which makes the service easy to use – you can jump from any page to the corresponding page in another language."

More information:

The edition reports how Helsinki was one of the main partners of the Ultrahack programming marathon. It was a good way to speed up the development of new digital services. Helsinki is internationally known as a city that has published a great deal of open data for free use by anybody, including various statistics, economic data and maps.

The English Supplement’s regular series on Helsinki’s foreign-born residents presents Zulfia Acar who moved from Turkey to Finland six years ago. She is grateful for the opportunity for an independent life in Finland.

"As a woman, I could never live by myself, lead a financially independent life and support myself in Turkey. That is why I really appreciate my current life in Finland," she says.